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When are practices?
For the most part practices are held at schools in the Memorial School District starting between 6-9PM (Younger players go earlier) 2/week depending on MSCR availability. 3rd-4th grade girls practice on Tuesday and Thursday, 5th-6th grade girls practice on Monday and Wednesday.

Does everyone make a team?
We try not to make cuts if possible but sometimes we do not have coaches, gym, spaces, etc.  Usually if we have enough volunteer coaches we do not need to make cuts. Playing time for grades 3-6 is roughly equal. 7-8 is not equal playing time, but usually every player will get some time on the court. Teams are decided based on tryout. You need to attend tryouts to have a chance at making the top teams.

ā€‹When do you get your uniform?
At practice when full payment is made.

Where are home games played?
In the Memorial Fieldhouse or Main Gym.

How far do teams travel for regular season games?
Less than an hour.  Most games will be in Dane County.ā€‹

Do you play every weekend?
You will usually have 2-3 games/weekend for 5 weekends, but they may not be consecutive. Most gyms will charge a $5 admission.

How are teams formed?
Teams are formed based on evaluation by coaches at try outs.

Are there traveling teams?
As of right now, the top two teams for 7th and 8th grade boys will travel.

Are refunds given if a child does not make a team?
Yes, you will receive a full refund if your child does not make a team. You will NOT receive a refund after your child is placed on a team.

Why is payment requested as early as possible?
The early registration and payments are encouraged so that we get commitment to play as we are using this information to determine how many teams, coaches, gym space, game/practice jerseys and related equipment we need. 

What is the All-Star Game?
The Bruce Dahmen All Star Game is our largest fundraiser of the year and helps pay for scholarships that allow more kids to play.

Information for New Parents/Coaches in Madison Memorial Youth Basketball

Parent Info:

  • The Madison Memorial Youth Basketball Program participates in the Badger Development League (BDL).  BDL website:

  • Waivers:  multiple waivers are likely required for your child to participate.  These include:

  • BDL

  • Memorial Spartans Program

  • Individual tournaments (as determined by individual coaches/teams)

  • Coaches:  all coaches are volunteers, typically parents from the individual teams.

  • Practice Schedule:  

    • There are typically two practices per week.

    • Practices run mid-October through early-to-mid February (depending on age group)

    • Practice times and locations vary by week based on MSCR school gym space availability.  They are generally released in two batches – October through December, and January – end of season.  These are communicated via spreadsheet to team coaches.

    • There are generally no practices held during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Winter Break.  Open gym times may be available during winter break.  

    • Practices follow school protocols and the gym may still be available for practice on non-school days.

    • You will be notified by the program if there are weather-related cancellations.

  • Game Schedule:  Games are typically scheduled in a sequence of 5-6 single weekend dates with 2-3 games on each date.  Games may be scheduled on either Saturdays or Sundays.  Game locations range from 30-60 minutes from Madison and may be across multiple buildings (i.e. high school and middle school) at a set location.

    • Individual host schools make weather-related cancellation decisions.  

  • End-of-year BDL Tournament:  Dates for the end-of-season tournament are shared in early January.  Specific schedules and locations are not finalized until the final week of league play is completed.

  • Communication:  

  • The BDL app is the authoritative source for game dates, times and locations.  Game times and locations may be adjusted up until the day prior to each game date.

  • Information is shared from the program director to the coaches list.  It will be very helpful to identify a team coordinator to assist coaches with communication to parents.  There is no current free access to a sports scheduling app (TeamSnap, SportsEngine, etc) provided through the Spartan program.

  • Additional optional tournaments:  Additional tournaments may be identified at the discretion of individual coaches and will require additional fees. 

  • Additional costs:

  • Adult admission at game locations:  $5/person per day; kids under 6 are usually free.

  • End-of-season BDL tournament costs may be more:  $8+/per person per day

  • Non BDL tournaments; registration fees, spectator fees TBD

  • Special events: 

  • Memorial Spartans youth nights:  The Memorial High School team will identify dates where youth teams can observe practice and games.  At the youth game night, teams can wear jerseys and will be recognized at half-time.

  • All-star game night:  Will be announced by mid-December, typically held in mid-January.

            ā–Ŗ  Teams will be asked to:

  • Identify a free-throw or 3 point shooter for a contest (Grades 3 - 8)

  • Identify players for all-star games (Grades 8 & above)

  • Donate an item and/or gift card for a silent auction

  • Assist with finding volunteers to staff the events

Coach Info:

  • There will be approximately one month of practice sessions before games begin.

  • 5-6 basketballs are provided per team; additional items (whistles, pinneys, cones, etc) are up to the coaches to secure

  • Coaches will be responsible for communicating schedules and events to team parents.  There is no current free access to a team organization app (Team Snap, Sports Engine) provided through the program.

  • Coaches will need to ensure parents have signed waivers required for competition:

  • BDL waiver

  • Memorial Youth program waiver

  • Individual tournament waivers as necessary

  • Game times and locations can change in the week before each game date.  All updates will be on the BDL app.

  • Some practices will be help in gym space shared with another team.

  • Coaches will be responsible for identifying, organizing, registering and collecting funds for tournaments outside of the BDL game schedule.

  • Coaches will be responsible for jersey pick-up, distribution and end-of-season collection.

  • MMYB usually provides an opportunity early in the season for team members and patrons to purchase gear MM emblem apparel.  Coaches will be responsible for coordinating merchandise orders, including collecting order forms/checks and distributing purchases to players and parents once it has arrived.

  • On the initial game day (& potentially subsequent games), the coach will need to fill out the lineup card matching names and jersey numbers.

  • There may be games where a score keeper from each team is required.  It is good practice to discuss potential volunteers ahead of time should one be needed.      


BDL FAQ'sā€‹


If we have to postpone BDL/BADL games due to weather we will use the following communication procedures:


1--we will send an email to all families that completed consent forms as soon as a decision is made.

2--we will email every community rep to let them know(those of you currently receiving this email)

3--we will email all refs registered in our system so they are aware

4--we will post a note on our main webpage

5--we will send a message through our apps.  Those that are set up for notifications will get this directly to their phone.


How do we decide to cancel games?

The primary decision for us to postpone BDL/BADL games comes from the host communities schools administration.  If they make the decision to close their schools we have to postpone games.  Additionally, we will monitor and lean on our weekend hosts to give us an accurate representation of what they are seeing in their area to make decisions on games as well.


Would we delay start to days if weather report, road report, school admin, etc dictate that it would be a viable option?

Yes this could happen and depending how full the sites are we would possibly shorten the game times to get the entire days schedule of games in.


Can some sites be cancelled and some continue?

This is a possibility depending on where a storm tracks.  


What happens to the games if they are postponed?

We will attempt to make the games up by working with the host schools gym availability.  If they can't host we will reach out to other members to see if anyone else can host.  We are getting close to end of year tournaments so we could move games into those slots and then move the tournament back to the next available weekends.  If after exploring all options we can't fit the games in we do reserve the right to not reschedule them.  The few times this did happen we have been able to get all the games.